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Music Lessons

Expert musical instruction in the Tacoma, WA area is now available!

Jeffry C. Larson is a professional musician and been performing and teaching for over four decades. His instruction is comprehensive and includes proper technique, music theory, and performance preparation. Jeffry will tailor your instruction to your individual needs and desired musical style.

The time to make achieve your musical goal is now! Taking lessons is essential to continuing growth as a musician. Receiving the personalized guidance and feedback of an experienced teacher will accelerate your progress.


Instrumental Lessons

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Electric Guitar

Get a solid foundation of correct technique, lead and rhythm vocabulary, and essential style elements

  • Picking technique
  • Fretboard knowledge
  • Song repertoire
  • Improvisation

Acoustic Guitar

From playing for yourself alone to jamming in a group the acoustic guitar is the perfect instrument for any setting

  • Strumming patterns
  • Chord progressions
  • Fingerstyle solos
  • Singing and playing songs




Tacoma, WA


$45 for 1 hour lesson


Beginners welcome! No experience necessary.

Now accepting students 10 years old and up.

Use the form below for availability and scheduling


bass guitar

Learn how to master the essential techniques and applications to become an outstanding bass player

  • Scales and arpeggios
  • Fingerstyle and slapping techniques
  • How to create a groove
  • Constructing bass lines, fills, and solos

Upright Bass

Whether you want to study jazz or classical music your lessons can be tailored to maximize your performance ability

  • Fingerboard navigation
  • Bowing techniques
  • Jazz styles and improvisation
  • Essential repertoire

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Please use this form to get more information or to schedule your lessons. In your message please indicate your preferred instrument and a brief summary of your prior playing experience. If you have a preferred lesson time include that also however scheduling is dependent on the current teaching schedule. I look forward to hearing from you!

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Jeffry C. Larson has had a long and varied career performing and teaching music. He began his musical studies at four years old when he started playing the violin. He progressed to the study of guitar and bass during his teenage years. Jeffry’s formal training includes extensive study of classical and jazz music culminating in a master’s degree in music performance from Northwestern University.

As a performer, Jeffry has experience across a wide spectrum of ensembles – from performing solo, to rock and jazz bands, to full symphonic orchestras. He served in the US Army band program for over twenty years and commander/conductor of several musical units. During this time he supervised the training of dozens of musicians and led performances for audiences all over the world. Jeffry also served as the sole bass guitar instructor for the Army, Navy, and Marine Corps and developed a bass teaching curriculum that was approved for use at the U.S. Armed Forces School of Music.