Jeffry C. Larson





I’ve received a lot of questions from people as they seek to achieve their goals and study personal development. Here are my thoughts on some of the most common concerns. These may help you as you progress on your journey as well.


I want to achieve a lot of things. Can I work on multiple goals at the same time?

When we’re talking about really significant goals we’re talking about something that’s going to stretch you beyond your current paradigm. You’re going to have to move out of your comfort zone and do things that will require you to pull on inner resources that you’ve never tapped into before. 

To stretch and pull in multiple directions at the same time can be overly taxing on your mental and emotional capabilities. Pick one thing to focus on now and really go for it with all you’ve got. Once you achieve that you go on to the next thing and you will be stronger for it.


I’ve tried reaching my goal in the past but failed to get there. What am I missing?

Without knowing the specific details of your individual situation it’s hard to know precisely how to fix it. But to be successful you have to all of the following elements working together for you:

Study: Set aside an hour every single day to devote to personal study. This can include reading, writing, watching video, self-talk,  and meditation to get you into a positive mindset and reset your subconscious paradigm

Support: Have an accountability partner, work with a coach, or participate in a mastermind. Working with other people to support and guide you is essential.

Take action: Every day take some kind of action in alignment with your goal. Even if it only seems like a small thing. Place special emphasis on actions that may seem uncomfortable. Be patient and keep working. The results will come in time.


My life is very busy and my schedule is full. How can I find the time to work on my goals?

We often have a lot more time than we think we do. How much time do you spend each day surfing the internet? On social media? Watching TV? Think of how much you could accomplish if you used this time to be progressing on your goal instead! Even small slices of time can accumulate to great effect in the long run.

You have to be really honest with yourself here and aggressively scrutinize how you spend your time each day. Most likely there are many things you can delegate, eliminate, ignore, or do much more efficiently. Think carefully here. 

Remember you have to fall in love with your goal. Get emotionally involved in it. Your goal should be something you think about constantly throughout the day. If you do this you WILL find the time you need.