Jeffry C. Larson



about me


Jeffry Larson is a singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from the Pacific Northwest. He writes and performs his music in and around the Seattle area.

He’s been bringing music to people in one way or another since he was four years old when he began playing fiddle tunes on the violin.

He spent his high school years playing guitar and bass and playing in a literal garage band. In college he got into music even more seriously and eventually earned a masters degree in classical music performance on the double bass. After this Jeffry’s life took another turn as he joined the military and served as a musician in the US Army band program. During this time he toured the world, including active combat zones, and performed in a variety of musical styles - from rock to jazz to country.

Jeffry draws on his broad musical background to make music in his own individual style. His carefully crafted lyrics are poems in there own right and inspired by the varied experiences of his own life and grounded in his observations and insights of the human condition. Jeffry has a uniquely personal musical style that combines a highly accessible pop sensibility with a mature sophistication. 

In addition to music, Jeffry has been engaged in a lifelong exploration of the power of the mind in facilitating personal flourishing. He has received both formal and informal training in psychology and methods of personal development which has profoundly affected his writing and thinking.

Besides being a performer, Jeffry is also a music teacher and performance coach. During his military career he served as the electric bass instructor for three branches of the armed forces. He has also taught psychological resilience and performance enhancement to audiences around the country. Today he teaches music and coaches personal development to groups and individuals around his hometown.